St. Charles Borromeo Council #13238
When: 7 p.m. every first Tuesday of the month
Where: Convent Meeting Room

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal society 1.7 million strong founded on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism. We are the oldest and largest Catholic lay organization with over 12,000 local councils. We support our pope, bishops, pastors, clergy and religious.

Our St. Charles Borromeo Council received its charter in November 2003 and has been asked by Fr. Mike to assist the parish in three specific areas: welcoming new members of the parish, organizing right to life activities and organizing legislative liaisons.

The Knights of our parish have supported the church, council, community, family and youth through family picnics, Habitat for Humanity, pro-life demonstrations at the Washington State Capitol, pro-life essay and poster contests, high school senior class graduation and appreciation breakfasts, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, greeting at Mass and serving coffee and doughnuts after Mass.

There are many good reasons to join the Knights of Columbus. Friendship, fraternity, opportunities to be of service to others and an excellent insurance program are just a few. A Knight can be anyone. He builds airplanes, grows apples and wheat, designs nuclear plants or runs a bank. He may be a corporation president or a member of a union. He is a truck driver, a doctor, a laborer or a dentist. We only ask that he be a "Practicing Catholic."

Activities and programs include:
  • Donations: St. Charles Borromeo Council #13238 provides assistance to archdiocesan seminarians.
  • Family life: through programs of family prayer, family participation in the liturgy, concern for Christian values in the home, "family of the month" and "family of the year" programs, days of family recreation and the like, the Knights of Columbus work to defend family life which is under fierce attack from modern secularism.
  • Community service: last year, Knights of Columbus officers, program directors, committeemen and members volunteered over 42 million hours in community service to youth, hospitals, orphanages and churches.
  • Vocations: aware of the critical need for priests and religious lay persons in today's church, the Knights have vocations committees actively engaged in fostering church vocations through prayer and various promotional activities, which include Pennies for Heaven and Columbus Charities.
  • Charitable distributions: donations to charities for the needy, victims of disaster, homes for the aged, community projects, educational purposes, gifts of clothing and food totaling over $94 million last year. Our council assisted with a special fund raiser for Katrina relief during 2006.
  • Pro-life: participate in March for Life demonstration at Washington State Capitol during January and some members of the council participate in reciting the rosary at a local abortion clinic each week.
  • Insurance protection: over $22 billion of insurance in force. Wide variety of low-cost, top quality life insurance and annuity programs are available to members and their families.
  • Catholic Information Service: since 1948 when the program began, the Catholic Information Service has provided free religious pamphlets to millions of inquirers and has enrolled more than 850,000 persons in the Catholic correspondence course. And the mailbox is always open to those who need advice and can't bring themselves to ring a rectory doorbell.
  • Student loans: over 52,000 low interest student loans, representing over $75 million disbursed to Knights of Columbus members and their families since 1971. Without reference to the order, student loans are available to priests, brothers, sisters, seminarians and postulants at the college, seminary and postgraduate levels.
  • Scholarships: educational benefits available to members and their families.
  • Educational trust: million dollar educational trust provides a four year college education at a Catholic college or university for children of members who are killed or permanently and totally disabled from a cause directly connected with a military conflict or as a result of criminal violence in the performance of their duties as full-time law-enforcement officers or firefighters.

For more information or to ask questions, contact:

Rich Rewolinski
Grand Knight

Legion of Mary

When: 7:30 a.m. every Thursday

The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholic laity who serve the Church on a voluntary basis. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland and today there are over 3 million members worldwide.

This organization undertakes spiritual works of mercy: home visits, all rest homes in our parish area, and hospital visitations. They seek to comfort those in poverty, sickness and loneliness by providing a listening presence and also being Eucharistic ministers. The group performs two hours of defined work every week. Active and auxiliary members undertake to say the rosary and Legion prayers daily.

For more information or to join, contact:

Kim Seevers
Pastoral Assistant for the Sick and Homebound, Marriage and Parish Outreach
253–564–5185, ext. 3013

Marriage Renewal

What's the purpose of Marriage Renewal?
We support the sacrament of marriage by providing opportunities for couples to experience God's unconditional love, by renewing and nurturing marriages and by motivating couples to share their gifts in active service to their parish and the greater community.

How does this happen?
  • By couples sharing from their real-life experiences.
  • By couples experiencing mutual support.
  • By building couple leadership and a sense of team.
  • By couples discovering fresh ways to include God in their relationship and daily life.
  • By providing opportunities for ongoing couple support after attending Marriage Renewal.

Who should attend Marriage Renewal? The weekend is for all married couples regardless of their background. The program accepts couples where "they are now" and builds from there. It is effective at all stages of marriage. Non-Catholics or Catholics who have been minimally involved would feel comfortable and very welcome. Marriage Renewal is also especially appropriate for engaged couples who are entering into a second marriage.

The program "works" because real people, just like you, lead it!

Marriage Renewal includes a mixture of:
  • Activities to enhance self/couple awareness.
  • Opportunities to share with others in a climate of safety.
  • Private time with spouse.
  • Experiences to help deepen one's sense of sacrament and service.
  • Strategies that promote a connectedness with the parish community.

For more information, contact:

Kim Seevers
Pastoral Assistant for the Sick and Homebound, Marriage and Parish Outreach
253–564–5185, ext. 3013

Newly bereaved support group

Two or three times a year (depending on interest) St. Charles Borromeo Parish has a newly bereaved support group for parishioners who have lost a loved one. The support group is titled Learning to Manage Your Grief: A Small Group Experience and has about five to six weekly sessions.

You might be wondering what exactly a support group is. Support groups are nothing more than a vehicle for people to heal and grow and to become more whole. Nothing magical happens. Pain does not just disappear. Answers do not mysteriously come forth. People talk and cry and laugh — and feel better. They learn from one another and share insights. What seemed impossible to handle becomes more manageable. Everything spoken within the group is confidential. This group will provide a safe environment for you to work through your grief. We will use a combination of printed materials, video tapes and discussion as we work through the grief process.

For more information or to sign up for the next class, contact:

Renee Stocks
Pastoral Assistant for RCIA, Grief Ministry and Parish Life
253–564–5185, ext. 3037

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults is the best way for those who are not Catholic to learn about the Catholic faith. The process usually takes about nine months from September to after Easter. At the end of the experience, those who wish to become Catholic may do so. Because each person's journey of faith is unique some may be ready to receive the sacraments sooner and others may wish to take more time. Each person's particular situation is taken into account. Each participant has a sponsor who is a Catholic, and who attends the weekly meetings and special celebrations throughout the year with them. At Easter time, those wishing to become Catholic celebrate Baptism (if they have not been baptized before), Confirmation and their first Eucharist.

Topics and events include:
  • Welcome dinner.
  • Tour of the church.
  • Explanation of the Mass.
  • The Bible.
  • The search for meaning.
  • Jesus and the trinity.
  • Discipleship.
  • Church history.
  • The church today.
  • Mary, saints and angels.
  • Prayer.
  • Baptism.
  • Eucharist.
  • Anointing of the sick.
  • Holy orders.
  • Marriage.
  • Reconciliation.
  • Confirmation.
  • Growth in virtue.
  • Moral decision making.
  • Social teaching and respect of life.
  • Last things: judgments, heaven, hell.
  • Chrism Mass in Seattle.
  • Easter celebration.

For more information, contact:

Renee Stocks
Pastoral Assistant for RCIA, Grief Ministry and Parish Life
253–564–5185, ext. 3037

60 Plus Mass and luncheon

When: Mass at 11 a.m. followed by lunch every first Friday of the month October–June
Where: Mass in usual location, lunch in Parish Center

These events are designed to inspire community in our parish by providing an opportunity for seniors to connect with other seniors through the celebration of Mass and a shared luncheon. Entertainment or informational sessions are part of a program during the luncheon.

There is no set fee for the luncheon but donations are accepted to offset the costs. You do not need a reservation. All those 60 years and older are welcome to the luncheons and the Mass, or course, is open to everyone.

We always like to have cookies to share after lunch. If you would like to bring cookies please drop them off at the kitchen before Mass. We have a dedicated team of volunteers who purchase and cook the meal and students from St. Charles Borromeo School serve and clean up on their lunch break.

For more information or to volunteer or join, contact:

Renee Stocks
Pastoral Assistant for RCIA, Grief Ministry and Parish Life
253–564–5185, ext. 3037

Support for those dealing with divorce

St. Charles Borromeo Parish provides support for those who are separated or going through a civil divorce. Both those who have experienced a divorce and support resources are available.

For more information, contact:

Renee Stocks
Pastoral Assistant for RCIA, Grief Ministry and Parish Life
253–564–5185, ext. 3037