The Jesus Prayer: A Cry for Mercy, A Path of Renewal
John Michael Talbot's 25th Book

In his newest book, John Michael invites his readers to meditate on the twelve simple words that lie at the heart of the Christian East. Complete with historical context and exercises for self-reflection, this book shows how a single prayer could sustain the life of a civilization. September, 2013: (InterVarsity Press)

2011: Blessings of Saint Benedict (Liturgical Press)
2011: The Universal Monk: The Way of the New Monastic (Liturgical Press)
2010: The World Is My Cloister: Living from the Hermit Within (Orbis Books)
2009: Reflections on Saint Francis (Liturgical Press)
2005: The Way Of The Mystics (with Steve Rabey) — (Jossey-Bass)
2003: Signatures (with Dan O'Neill) — (Troubadour For The Lord)
2002: Come To The Quiet: The Principles Of Christian Meditation — (J.P. Tarcher)
2001: The Joy Of Music Ministry- (Resurrection Press)
1999: The Music of Creation: Foundations of a Christian Life — (Tarcher/Putnam)
1997: Lessons Of St. Francis— (Plume Books)
1994: Meditations From Solitude — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1992: The Master Musician — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1991: Lessons On The Gospels, Vol. 3: A Passion For God — (Servant Publications)
1991: Blessings: Reflections On The Beatitudes — (Crossroads Publishing)
1989: Simplicity (with Dan O'Neill)
1989: Hermitage: A Place Of Prayer & Spiritual Renewal — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1988: Regathering Power — (Servant Publications)
1987: Reflections On The Gospels, Vol. 2 — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1986: Reflections On The Gospels, Vol. 1 — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1985: The Lover And The Beloved — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1984: The Fire Of God — (Troubadour For The Lord)
1984: Changes: A Spiritual Journal — (Troubadour For The Lord)



Live at St. Charles Borromeo Parish, Tacoma:
What: John Michael Talbot
When: 7–9 p.m. June 24, 2014
Where: St. Charles Borromeo Parish Church
Doors open: 6 p.m.

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John Michael Talbot is considered a "Christian Music Legend" being one of the pioneering artists of what has become known as Contemporary Christian Music. He is recognized as Catholic music's most popular artist with over 4 million sales and compositions published in hymnals throughout the world.

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