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Fr. Mike outlines all of our spiritual journeys

posted Oct 4, 2013, 10:56 AM by Brian Suda   [ updated Oct 4, 2013, 10:56 AM ]
In this week's bulletin, St. Charles Borromeo Parish's pastor, Fr. Mike, provides a simple and straightforward look at spiritual journeys, what they look like and how best we can grow deeper in them. It is a wonderful example of the thoughtfulness and intentionality that Fr. Mike models and shares with the St. Charles Borromeo Parish community. His reflection is included in this week's bulletin and reprinted below:

The Spiritual Journey

We begin the Spiritual journey by saying "I want to become fully alive by living God's way of life and come to experience the peace and joy that Christ promises." (Pray for this desire if you do not have it now.)

We need to remember that this is a life-long journey. The first half of the journey occurs early in life as we set out to do great things for the Lord. It is like Jesus' public ministry in which he called others to follow him, taught with great power and healed so many people. The second half of the journey, which normally occurs as we enter the second half of our life becomes one of acceptance that God's Kingdom will not fully arrive in our time. It is time to surrender to God's loving care.

This is a journey of Conversion. Conversion is the process of becoming one's true self, one's best self. It occurs through a dialectic process or through a dialogue with self, the world of creation, others and God. The essential areas of dialogue have to do with (1) what it means to be Spiritual, (2) one's image of God, (3) one's understanding of Jesus, (4) the Church, (5) how one is to live the good life and (6) how one integrates one's thoughts, words and actions.

It is a journey in which we both allow the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Jesus to transform us and one in which we are willing to cooperate with the Spirit in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

On our part, we can ready ourselves for the work of the Holy Spirit by:
  • Choosing to turn away from self- centeredness and sin by following the 10 commandments.
  • Choosing to:
    • Pray at least 10 minutes each day.
      • Our parish's Book of Prayers for Catholics
      • The Magnificat
    • Attend and celebrate Mass with the Community each Sunday and Holiday.
    • Receive and celebrate the Sacraments (especially Reconciliation/Confession, but also Confirmation, Marriage and the Anointing of the Sick as appropriate).
    • Imitate and Live the Virtues of Christ.
      • Our parish's Book of Virtues for Catholics
    • Share the best of my Time, Talent and Treasure.
      • Stewardship of Time is time spent in
        • Prayer
        • Reading the Bible
        • Reading a spiritual book such as
          • The Holy Longing by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser
      • Stewardship of Talent is the gift of service to various committees or groups.
      • Stewardship of Treasure is the gift of sharing a portion of your financial resources to support the mission of the Parish, the Archdiocese and the Universal Church.
    • Help my neighbor, near and far.