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Adam Hunt

About me:
I am husband to my wife Michelle, and father of two beautiful children, Chelsea and Tyler. These three mean the world to me. I am a professional painter by trade and run my own business, and I teach guitar. I also play guitar and sing at church. I love the arts, fashion and original music.

Why I am Catholic:
From a very young age I attended church at The Gospel Inn in Vancouver B.C. and was intrigued by the music, liturgy and gospel readings. When we married, my wife and I vowed to raise our children in the Catholic faith. It became apparent that I too had found a place where I felt I was loved, I belonged and I made a difference, unlike in the past. Consequently, I joined the RCIA programs and became Catholic. I found being Catholic is not something you learn over night, but takes a lifetime. I genuinely love the extended faith family community where the priority is loving and helping our children and each other find our way and praying together with each other. As a Catholic, I feel it is important to give thanks to our Lord for providing each meal, pray daily for our loved ones and those less fortunate and to learn more about our faith by reading the Bible and humbly leading by example.

How I live my faith:
The Catholic Church has taught me to be the best person I can be. I live my faith by trying to be more like Jesus and share my time, talent and treasures with all those around me. We all have something to give, we just have to find it in our heart.

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