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Jackie Murphy

About me:
I am happily married to my husband of 29 years, Michael, and a proud parent of four children. I have a variety of other interests outside my professional work as a Physical Therapist. These range from my love of horses, snow skiing, working in my vegetable garden, reading biographies or keeping in touch with family via the handwritten note, to watercolor painting, appreciation of history, art and quilts. And of course, being involved in our children’s lives and their pursuits! I am ready for a good game of “Speed Scrabble” or a family card game called “Peanuts” any day!

Why I am Catholic:
I am what is called a “cradle Catholic,” born and raised with eight siblings in the faith. I attended Sunday school and/or Vacation Bible School to be instructed formally in the faith. I would say my Catholic faith was infused or nurtured by my parents’ strong belief and expectations that we live honest, moral, kind, generous and compassionate lives of integrity. We always said Grace before meals. My mother always said, “If you aren’t questioning your faith, you aren’t growing.” We were always encouraged “not to follow the crowd.” I have never left the faith but I have had periods where I have been lukewarm or coasting. My faith has grown in spurts. I have never had a desire to leave my Catholic faith. I have yet to see another faith that entices me. I love the fact that the Church doesn’t change her beliefs on a quick whim. I love the fact that we have a central leader – the Holy Father. The only other religion that has a head spokesperson speak out to the world on the dignity and rights of every human being, other than the Pope, is the Dalai Lama. That alone says a lot about the beauty of the Catholic Church.

How being Catholic shapes and enriches my life:
My faith is lived out and bolstered by trying to serve others, prayer (often saying a Rosary while I walk/jog the two miles to feed the horses), reflection, the Eucharist and serving as a Eucharistic minister or listening to Sacred Heart Radio AM -1050. I have always enjoyed helping decorate for Vacation Bible School (VBS). The year I researched and wrote a VBS program on ANGELS I grew even stronger in my appreciation of the rich history, theology, writers, saints, spirituality and doctrine of the Catholic Church. It was an evangelizing process. I have served on our Honduras Mission Team for seven years collecting clothes, shoes, towels, sheets and horse tack for the nearly 2,000 people we serve. It is an area of service I feel “called” to do. I find the Seven Sacraments of the Church are life-giving and beautiful. I am an avid reader of two Catholic publications: “Liguorian” magazine and “St. Anthony Messenger” magazine.

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