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Joan Milasich

About me:
I married my Catholic husband, Michael, in 1972. We had four biological children and adopted four from India, so I was a homemaker for many years. After our last child left the home, I decided to go back to school to earn my degree. I graduated from St. Martin’s University in Lacey, WA, in May 0f 2011 with a Bachelors in Community Service. I have been working as an adoption social worker at an international adoption agency in Sumner, WA. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, reading, walking, traveling, movies, remodeling and craft projects.

Why I am a Catholic:
I grew up Methodist, but when our children got old enough to go to school, we wanted them to attend Catholic school. I decided that since my husband was never going to be anything but Catholic, that I should enter the RCIA program and determine whether or not I would be able to join the church. I was weary of going to two church services and didn’t want my children to be confused between two religions, so it just made sense. After a year of instruction, I still had many questions and did not entirely agree with everything, but I had a spiritual experience that prompted me to move forward and join the Catholic Church. I have grown in my faith over the years, learned to accept and embrace former “sticking points,” and I know consider my conversion the best thing that ever happened to me in my life. My faith and my church community have been great comforts to me when life was difficult.

How I live my faith:
Life was good when the children were growing up. We were very active in our church and in the school, and most of our social life revolved around the parish: youth group, Boy and Girl Scouts, dinners, dances, parties, auctions. We never missed Sunday Mass. We felt our lives had been very blessed, and we gave back generously with our time, talent and treasure in myriad ways. After our children grew and moved away from home, my husband had serious health issues that dramatically impacted every area of our lives. Life was no longer easy or good, rather challenging and often depressing. Fearing that I would soon be alone to fend for myself, I went back to school and earned my degree so I could get a job that would keep me occupied and fulfilled. I absolutely loved my years at St. Martin’s, and along with the education, was touched with the peace and confidence that God would always care for me no matter what. I have found that morning mass is a wonderful way to begin the day, and attend as often as I am able. I share my faith freely with others, and never miss an opportunity to let others know that even if the Catholic Church is not perfect, it is the perfect vehicle for my faith. I appreciate the stability, the rituals and traditions of the church, and I have been fortunate to be able to go on many pilgrimages to holy sites over the years, which has considerably deepened my faith.

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