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Mike Dubbs

About me:
I have a wonderful Baptist wife and four wonderful children and three grandchildren. My wife and I grew up in Texas and moved west because of work and the outdoors. I am retired, enjoy outdoor activities and my children and grandchildren.

Why I am a Catholic:
I am a Catholic for three reasons. Jesus Christ gave us himself in the last supper and nothing on earth can compare to the free gift of His presence in the Holy Eucharist. My father, a convert and mother brought me up in this faith. I have learned that Catholicism has the most historical, reasonable, and complete understanding of God's revelation to us. It is consistent throughout the world and over time.

How being a Catholic shapes my life:
In recent years, I have started taking a more active part in my church. A few years ago I volunteered as a Eucharistic minister. It makes Mass and Holy Communion much more meaningful for me. Then I attended a "That Man Is You" program and later attended RCIA classes as a sponsor. I have come to the conclusion that one hour a week at church and daily prayer is not enough for me to know God better and grow in my faith.

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