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Terri Pfeiffer

About me:
I am married and have two adult sons. I attended St. Charles Borromeo School, Bellarmine, Prep, T.C.C. and Clover Park Vocational College. I am a certified Senior Center Director but work in the capacity of Life Enrichment Specialist at Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community. I love to travel, read, and serve others. I love dogs. Most of all, I love my faith.

Why I am Catholic:
I was raised a cradle Catholic along with my extended family. In our neighborhood growing up, most all were Catholic as the Church and school were the focal point. I loved all the saints and traditions of our faith at an early age. I had a prayer corner in my room with the Virgin Mary statue and rosary, not to pray to her but with her to Jesus. I always felt the presence of peace near my corner. Each Sacrament was a big life celebration with a party and gifts such as Communion, Confirmation, Wedding, etc…I loved religion classes, Mass and community service at Bellarmine taught in the Jesuit tradition. Although I have had trials and tribulations in my life that have tested my strength, those times have only brought me closer to God. I have thought of it as my cross to bear as Jesus had done. The Resurrection always followed sorrow with new life. I love how our faith is so rich in history, Scripture, Sacraments, love and forgiveness. My love for my faith grows deeper as it continues to bring me new insights that bring me closer to God.

How I live my faith:
As a practicing Catholic, I know I have to work at it to continue to grow in faith. I attend church weekly, not to think I am better than others, but to be the best version of myself. I read books about my faith, Catholic Progress and daily feeds on Facebook about the Saints. I start my day in prayer, pray throughout the day and end in prayer. I am more a sinner than a saint, and I need God’s grace continually. I am here to serve others and not judge or act holier than thou, which only turns people away. I have answered God’s call to serve the most vulnerable at Tacoma Lutheran Retirement Community, working with the frail and dying with the utmost dignity, as God is present until the last breath. I have been involved with L’Arche, Catholic Community Services and other non-profits that support life. I am currently involved as a Eucharistic Minister, R.C.I.A. and Catholic Women’s Club. I have to find the time to be involved, but the new Catholics inquiring about our faith has been a true gift to me that keeps me moving along my faith journey.

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