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Tim Butler

About me:
I am a 65 year old adopted son. I have been married for 45 years to my enchanting wife. I am the father of three children and the grandfather to six. I am an army veteran and a cancer survivor. I still work full time and I can not…not be Catholic.

Why I am Catholic:
By the grace of God, I’ve been blessed all my life. Being adopted, I have a true insight into the gift of faith, family and the forgiveness of sins. Nothing is more important than being Catholic because everything falls into place after that. Think of the 2,000 years of unchangeable truth. The Son of God in real time and a real place humbled himself in His Divinity. He took on our humanity and by His love saved us, and the gates of the nether world will not prevail against us. Plus we have the Seven Sacraments and His perfect gift, His own Body and Blood to nourish us. We are given everything we need to work out our salvation, but we must give ourselves up to it, trust in God and pray daily to be all that we are according to His will. It’s not easy, but the rewards purchased by the perfect Sacrifice, which eyes have not seen, are everlasting.

How I live my faith:
I love the Mass the most of all because it gives me the chance to tell God how much I love Him along with the full community of the faithful, all the angels and saints, as we share in His Divinity on our pilgrimage back to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit who loved us into existence.

Each month the Lord provides me with the opportunity to give to someone “The Magnificat,” a monthly publication of daily prayers. I’ve been giving a copy away every month for over four years and each month someone shows up who accepts this gift.

Spiritual Adoption is my passion and a blessing in my life. As a member of the St. Charles Respect Life Community, this ministry is and continues to be a very real response to the “Culture of Death.” We are soldiers in the battle for “the culture of life.” It’s a ministry that everyone can be a part of with faith in the power of prayer. With these prayers answered, we are saving the lives of babies in danger of abortion.

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